Following the Footsteps of Christ

  • Following the Footsteps of Christ is a program started by a parishioner of St. Joseph Catholic Church.  He and his wife set up the program to recognize students that are "caught in the act" of Following the Footsteps of Christ through their words or actions.  Administration, staff, parishioners, or fellow students may write a short description of these words or actions.  At the end of the month, these students are presented with a gift card.

  • January recipients

    L to R: Robert Fritz, Oliver Reinhart, Owen Wathen, Allie Lubenkov, Chelsea Sinn, Elaina Reinhart
  • December recipients

    L to R: Jaxon Daubach, Gus Biver, Oliver Reinhart
  • September Recipients

    L to R back: Chelsea Sinn, Geddy Toth, Nathaniel Grime, Emma Heap, Brody Mense.
    L to R front: Max Hendrix, Jack Morgan, Cooper Daubach, Mia Hopfinger, Ella Hopkins.
  • October Recipients

    L to R: Lydia Heap, Caleb Forgy, Alex Fritz, Mia Hopfinger, Gabriel Tarvin - Robert Fritz not pictured

  • November recipients

    Back Row:  Owen Wathen
    L to R: Brianna Tarvin, Caleb Alexander, Ella Hopkins, Harper Correll, Mia Hopfinger, Evie Ross