TWB (Together We’re Better)

What is Together We’re Better?

Together We’re Better is basically a fundraiser, except it doesn’t try to sell you candy or trinkets. The TWB sells gift cards – both online and the traditional plastic cards – that you can use at various retailers and restaurants rather than charging it or spending cash. Our gift cards are the same as you would find at any store.


How it works:

TWB is an ongoing fundraiser for St. Joseph’s PTF.  We carry a wide assortment of gift cards in stock. Or, you can setup an online account and purchase your ScripNow! gift cards from your home computer or mobile device.  Each merchant sets their own discount that they will sell their cards for. The TWB buys the cards at the discounted rate and sells the gift cards to you at face value. This difference is how the TWB raises its funds.


What happens to the proceeds:

The proceeds – the difference between the face value and discounted purchase price – is how TWB makes its profit. For any online ScripNow! gift card purchase, you get to designate where 75% of the proceeds go (see categories below).  The other 25% of the proceeds go to PTF.  For any traditional (plastic) gift cards purchased, proceeds are split 50/50 between your designated option and PTF.

You can designate your TWB profits to go toward the following categories:

  • Family Tuition – You can designate your portion of the proceeds to go towards your family’s tuition bill.  Or, you can choose for your profits to go towards another family’s tuition.
  • Tuition Assistance Fund – A fund which helps families in need for tuition. If you would like to know more about this fund, see the principal of St. Joseph school.
  • Building Fund – Profits go towards paying off the balance of the Parish Center loan.
  • Library – Profits will go towards our school library.


Where can I buy the traditional (plastic) gift cards?

During a school week, you can purchase gift cards at the school office. There is also a TWB volunteer selling gift cards after most weekend masses.


How do I setup an account to buy my ScripNow! gift cards online?

Please download the following document to learn how to setup an online account.

TWB Online Account Setup


What gift cards are available?

There are too many to list! TWB carries a wide assortment of retailers and restaurants – both national chains and local businesses.  To see a list of the most popular gift card selections click on the link below.  Or, to view the complete list of all gift card offerings, visit

TWB Order Form


When are funds dispersed? (i.e., When will I see my tuition credit?)

The profits from selling gift cards are dispersed twice every year: in October and in March.


Here are other forms and links that might be helpful:

TWB Order Form – This is our TWB order form for the traditional (plastic) gift cards.  Simply fill out this form and drop it off in the office or with your TWB representative after a weekend Mass.  If your gift card selections are in stock, you will be able to pick up your gift cards at that time.  If we have to order your gift cards, you will receive them the following week.

ScripNow! Retailer List –  This PDF lists the retailers that offer their gift cards for purchase online (ScripNow!). – This website is your one-stop-shop for all things scrip! See above for how to setup your online account at  Buy your gift cards at, see news for upcoming bonus rebates, etc.  You can even run a report to see what your ScripNow! rebate totals are for the year!


Still have questions?

That’s ok! Your TWB coordinators (listed below) are happy to answer any questions you may have, or to help you setup your online ScripNow! account.

Angie Garland: (618) 660-6012 or

Lauren Schaefer-Christ: (314) 730-4243 or