Pre-Kindergarten Dress Code

Pre-Kindergarten students may wear the school uniform, but it is not required. Children should wear comfortable clothes, but tank tops and spaghetti straps are prohibited. If your child is unable to button his/her pants, please use pants with elastic waists. Children MUST wear tennis shoes with socks. Socks are to be visible above the shoe during normal wear. For Pre-Kindergarten students, it is also required that parents provide a change of clothes in the event of bathroom accidents. Accidents will be handled with a minimum of attention.

Regular Uniform Day

Students are to wear a navy collared polo shirt that is to be tucked in at all times. A solid white, short-sleeved, logo free undershirt is optional. Students are to wear khaki, flat or pleated front pants or shorts. If a student’s pants or shorts have belt loops, a solid black, brown, or navy belt with no ornamentation is required. Solid white socks, worn visibly above the ankle support of the shoe, must be worn at all times with tennis shoes. Knee socks with no logos, stripes, or patterns are permitted.

Khaki shorts and khaki or school plaid skirts may be worn during designated months of August through October and March through May. Shorts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. School plaid jumpers may be worn by grades Kindergarten through 4th grade during the designated months of August through October and March through May. Solid navy shorts must be worn underneath a skirt or jumper and the length is to be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Only navy, white, or school plaid hair accessories are permitted. The only make-up accessories permitted are non-colored nail polish and lip gloss. Only post earrings are allowed but must be removed during recess and P.E. for safety concerns.

Weather Specific

Shorts, skirts, and jumpers are permitted from August until October 31, and again from March 1 through May of each school year. Due to colder weather, no jumpers, skirts, or shorts may be worn from November through February. Only solid navy sweaters, navy buttoned cardigans or navy pullover sweaters, navy sweatshirts (with or without a hood, but should not be fully zippered) with no visible logos are allowed over a collared uniform shirt during the school day, with the only exception being sweatshirts from St. Joseph Catholic School Spirit Shop.



St. Joseph PTF Organization maintains a “Uniform Store” on the upstairs floor of the convent.  Here, parents can shop for gently used uniform clothing for their students at a greatly reduced price.