Admissions Criteria

Pre-Kindergarten Admissions Policy

St. Joseph Catholic School has established a priority for Pre-Kindergarten registration. First priority is given to St. Joseph Parish families and siblings of families currently enrolled at St. Joseph Catholic School. If maximum enrollment levels are not reached after parish families have registered, open registration will be held. When maximum levels are reached, a waiting list will be established with students accepted in the order of placement on the waiting list.

Pre-Kindergarten students must be fully potty-trained prior to admission to St. Joseph Catholic School. This means the child knows how to go to the bathroom without being reminded to do so and is capable of cleaning/wiping their body sufficiently without any aid from a staff member. Continuous bathroom accidents may jeopardize a child’s enrollment status in the Pre-Kindergarten program.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Age Requirements

  • A child who is three years of age, fully potty-trained, and meeting all other admission requirements may enter the Pre-Kindergarten program
  • Children five years of age or a child who will reach the age of five by September 1 may enter kindergarten of the current school year (DP 5111)

Required Paperwork for Admission:

  • An original copy of your child’s birth certificate (a copy will be made for the child’s school file)
  • The child’s social security card (a copy will be made by the school for the child’s personnel file)
  • Baptismal certificate (children baptized at St. Joseph Parish already have a certificate on file)
  • Registration Form
  • Registration fee (to be paid at the time of registration)
  • Signed Tuition Agreement Form
  • All health examinations (physical examination, immunization record, dental examination, and eye examination shall be required as stipulated by the Administrative Code of the Illinois State Board of Education)
  • Proof of Insurance Form (must be submitted no later than the first day of attendance)

The following forms are also required prior to the first day of attendance:

  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Handbook Receipt Form
  • Photo Release Form
  • Walking Field Trip Form
  • Application for Reduced/Free Lunch (if applicable)

Proof of Insurance

The St. Joseph Pre-Kindergarten Program, in accordance with the policy of the Diocese of Belleville, requires that all students have insurance coverage, and parents must sign a statement to this effect at the start of each school year. Children whose parents refuse to sign this statement concerning proof of private coverage and release of liability, or who refuse to purchase insurance, will not be accepted into St. Joseph Catholic School. (DP #5143)