About Us

St. Joseph Catholic School, founded in 1869, provides an affordable, quality, Catholic education for the families of St. Joseph Parish in Freeburg and for non-Catholics who accept our mission and philosophy. Relying on the help and guidance of our Lord, the school works in partnership with families to pass on our Catholic values, traditions, and heritage. Emphasis is placed on the importance of Christian values, the development of a positive self-concept and a strong academic background through discipline, cooperation, and responsibility.

As a community of caring individuals working together, we continue to grow closer to God through loving, respecting, and serving one another, and by praying and worshipping together. The philosophy of our school is anchored in the belief that God creates men and women in His image and that He desires them to find happiness in knowing, loving, and serving Him. St. Joseph Catholic School focuses on teaching Catholic doctrine, building Christian community, and helping students acquire skills, virtues, and habits of heart and mind required for effective service to others. As a school community, we strive to educate the whole person in an atmosphere of love, respect, and concern for one another. St. Joseph Catholic School is dedicated to maintaining high academic standards and to providing daily opportunities to live our Catholic faith.